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Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definition of the service

We transport different types of object, from a departure address to an arrival address

Article 2. Objects transported

Subject to acceptance by Recyclage express, any type of object can be transported if it respects the required dimensions. Three categories of dimensions have been defined respectively small, medium and large quantities.

Article 3. Order, price and payment

The customer subscribes to the service via our website using the form provided for this purpose. The customer informs Recyclage Express of the terms of the service he wishes. The request must be made at least 1 working day in advance so that Recyclage Express can submit an offer to the customer.

In case of acceptance by the customer by email or other, the latter is then engaged. By accepting the offer, the customer confirms the accuracy of the information he has provided to Recyclage Express.

For customers who are already using our subscription service and who have no arrears, the invoicing of any Express Transport or Express Clearance service is done according to the methods chosen by the customer. For these customers, the payment terms for any Transport or Clearance service are 10 days from receipt of the invoice. For any new customer who does not have a Recyclage Express subscription, payment for the service must be made before the service takes place. As soon as the customer accepts the offer, Recyclage Express issues an invoice payable according to the terms chosen by the customer. This invoice is payable no later than the day of the service. If the customer does not pay Recyclage Express, the latter is liable to prosecution, because the amount of the service is due in all cases if there has been no cancellation within the time limits. Estimates over 1000 CHF must be paid to 50% before the service and the rest directly at the end of the service. Dumpster rental and waste collection costs are invoiced after the service is provided in the event that dumpster rental is necessary and payable within 10 days.

The customer who chooses to pay by e-banking before the day of the transport can see himself increasing or reducing the final invoice in the case where the real time of the transport would not correspond substantially to the estimate made by Recyclage Express. In this situation, the customer pays the difference in cash at the end of the service or Recyclage Express returns the difference to the customer.

For customers who pay in cash on the day of transport, the adjustment will be made at the end of the service. These conditions also apply to the Débarras Express service.


  • From 100 CHF / hour for a truck and a carrier
  • From 150 CHF / hour for a truck and two carriers
  • From CHF 160 per hour for heavy objects

* The counting of hours begins as soon as the trip is made to pick up the object.

Article 4. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of the service, the customer must inform Recyclage-Express 1 working day in advance. If this deadline is not respected, the service is invoiced.

Article 5. Access to transported objects

The objects transported must be accessible by Recyclage Express employees. That is to say that the objects must be at the right address, at the agreed time, but also in front of the building or the store in question. The objects must respect the dimensions described by the customer. If you would like help to move the objects to the truck, you can request it and benefit from an additional moving service which will be invoiced.

Article 6. Impossibility to provide the service

If for reasons that are not the responsibility of Recyclage Express the service cannot take place, the customer is still required to pay for the service. If accessibility to the object of the service is impossible, the customer is obliged to pay the invoice. If the dimensions do not correspond to those initially planned, Recyclage express reserves the right to modify its price or cancel the transport. In all cases, the customer must pay for the service initially provided.

Article 7. Damage caused

Any damage caused by Recyclage Express to the objects transported is covered by Recyclage Express. A fare supplement may be requested if the items transported have a high value. The customer must prove the value of the damaged objects and the reimbursement is based on the current value. Refunds are made by bank transfer only.

Express clearance:

Article 8. Service

Recovery of bulky waste. Recyclage Express picks up bulky items and disposes of them or recycles them for its customers. The terms of payment and subscription to the service remain similar to the service Express Transport.

Article 9. Rates

Service made on estimate.

The cancellation and payment conditions remain identical to the service Express Transport

Service made on estimate. The cancellation and payment conditions remain identical to the service Express Transport