Are you fitting out your business or your corporate offices and have a lot of goods to move? Need to empty a cluttered room or pull out a heavy object like a piano or washing machine? Our teams are at your service!


Need to move a desk or heavy objects? Call Déménagement Patrick SA for your handling. We are equipped with professional tools for moving your objects or your furniture.

Handling professionals at your disposal to carry all kinds of heavy or large objects.

We empty your attic, your cellar or your entire home and transport the bulky items to the recycling center

Also called freight elevator, it is essential to move desks, tables and other bulky goods through the window.

In addition to the supply of boxes, we take charge, if you request it, of the packaging of your personal effects, including the most fragile.

You can also call on our movers to transport and deliver all kinds of objects and documents in Switzerland.

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Our services

From the transport of bulky objects to the supply of cardboard and the rental of furniture lifts, various services are offered to guarantee you a move with complete peace of mind.

Your handling operations, entrust them to our experienced movers!

Storeroom and dechetterie

We come to get rid of your bulky goods and drop them off at the nearest recycling centre.

Transport and delivery

A bulky object to move? A small package to send urgently? Let us take care of it!

Monte furniture

With the rental of this transport vehicle, your furniture is moved quickly and safely.


We provide moving boxes, bubble wrap and are able to take care of packing operations.

For all your handling operations in Geneva, Lausanne and other municipalities in Switzerland, call on our experienced teams! Regularly, individuals and professionals call on our skills in various circumstances. When it's not families that have to evacuate excessively heavy loads or furniture that can't pass through the common areas, it's companies that change buildings or transfer offices from one French-speaking city to another. . A visit made upstream allows us to determine the resources to be mobilized and thus estimate the cost of handling.
Among the tasks we carry out, there is the manual carrying of furnishing solutions, boxes filled with administrative documents and that of computer equipment and their peripherals. Depending on the loading / unloading accesses and the effects to be moved, we can use a hand truck, a rolling moving platform, a handling trolley and a lifting device, among others. In the case of a company move, you can count on us for the transfer of industrial machinery.
Whether it is to move a single particularly imposing piece of furniture or to carry out a tertiary move, we are at your service! We size our resources (human and material) according to your requirements. In other words, we mobilize the number of movers and trucks necessary to meet your expectations in the shortest possible time. The formula is adapted to your needs and your budget, it is a tailor-made handling service in Switzerland. Ask for your free quote and you will be able to attest to the competitiveness of our prices!