Delivery and transport of objects

Have you purchased a washing machine, a large armchair or other piece of furniture that you cannot load in your vehicle? Would you like to have a second-hand item found on a classifieds site quickly delivered to you? With the experts at Déménagement Express, all you have to do is place your trust in us!


Geneva, Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Fribourg, Yverdon…we specialize in the delivery of objects between individuals throughout Switzerland.

The delivery of your purchases is handled by our carriers! Likewise, we route the goods you have sold on Facebook Marketplace or Anibis.

The valuation of your goods is the best way to reduce the cost of our intervention (combination discount).

To schedule the first delivery, complete our online form or contact us by phone or WhatsApp. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Transport and moving at low prices throughout Switzerland

1 x Carrier
From CHF 90 per hour

For a substantial cubage, we use a carrier.

2x Carriers
From 140 CHF per hour

To load several bulky goods, two carriers are at your service.

Individual moving and groupage
From 150 CHF per hour

A courier takes care of the delivery of your small packages and your documents. For an economical move, you can take advantage of groupage.

Delivery & transport in Switzerland

In short…

Our services

From the transport of bulky objects to the supply of cardboard and the rental of furniture lifts, various services are offered to guarantee you a move with complete peace of mind.

Your handling operations, entrust them to our experienced movers!

Clearance and waste disposal

We come to get rid of your bulky goods and drop them off at the nearest recycling centre.

Transport and delivery

A bulky object to move? A small package to send urgently? Let us take care of it!

Monte furniture

With the rental of this transport vehicle, your furniture is moved quickly and safely.


We provide moving boxes, bubble wrap and are able to take care of packing operations.

To deliver, including in an emergency, all kinds of packages to the 4 corners of the confederation, call on the Déménagement Express teams! A courier takes care of transport to the destination of your choice in complete safety. Similarly, it is likely to support the delivery to your home and your place of work of one or more packages. It can be bulky furniture, heavy household appliances or even various and varied goods that you cannot load in your own vehicle. You can also hire the services of a courier to send small parcels or mail, on weekdays and weekends.

The motivations of our clients, professionals and individuals alike, are multiple. They are entrepreneurs whose wish is to deliver products to their customers without fear of their loss. Then there are company directors with confidential documents to be hand-delivered by trustworthy employees of a transport company. On the private side, there are people who have bought furniture, electronic devices and various other goods that they do not have the ability to recover on their own, while wishing to take advantage of fast delivery. Transport and delivery services are available from/to Lausanne, Geneva and other Swiss cities, whether large municipalities or more modest and rural localities. 

Among the public who seek our services, many have expressed their disappointment with the services provided by La Poste Suisse and various other parcel carriers. They mention in particular the inability of these players to carry out rapid shipments and question the quality of parcel tracking. The less fortunate have the regret of seeing their package lost or its contents damaged. By placing your trust in our experienced drivers, you avoid this kind of pitfall and gain peace of mind by opting for a transport solution perfectly suited to your needs.