Packaging and protection of your objects

You don't have the time or the means to effectively prepare your move to Switzerland? We provide you with boxes and we proceed to the packaging of your goods to save you unnecessary effort.


You do not have time to tinker and dread being able to put your bed or your desk back after moving into your new home? We take care of the dismantling and reassembly of all your furniture.

To avoid any risk of breakage, we use resistant cardboard and various protective elements. Your mirrors, your crockery or your electronic devices are well packaged.

By opting for this service, you can go about your business, we take care of preparing all the boxes before transporting them to their destination.

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Our services

From the transport of bulky objects to the supply of cardboard and the rental of furniture lifts, various services are offered to guarantee you a move with complete peace of mind.

Your handling operations, entrust them to our experienced movers!

Storeroom and dechetterie

We come to get rid of your bulky goods and drop them off at the nearest recycling centre.

Transport and delivery

A bulky object to move? A small package to send urgently? Let us take care of it!

Monte furniture

With the rental of this transport vehicle, your furniture is moved quickly and safely.


We provide moving boxes, bubble wrap and are able to take care of packing operations.

Whether or not you have time to prepare for your move, let us take care of the packing operations. This time-consuming but oh so important task is far from easy. By entrusting it to our teams, you prevent all your personal belongings from moving and thus avoid any friction. In addition, you are spared from making certain efforts and can go about your business. As part of our services, we provide all the moving supplies you need: stretch film roll, small, medium or large boxes, moving straps, etc. When you call on our company, we also take care to tell you all the items that should not be packed (candles, aerosol cans, plants, perishable foodstuffs, etc.)

Equipped with an adhesive tape and a certain amount of elbow grease, we carry out the packaging with the greatest possible professionalism. To compartmentalize the containers that require it, we use dividers. When we intervene to pack and unpack your belongings, we of course use all the necessary moving equipment. These include storage solutions such as rigid boxes and boxes lined with bubble wrap to accommodate fragile objects (bottles, mirrors, vases, works of art, dishes, etc.). Also equipped with wedging chips and protective covers, we guarantee a successful move. During this event, we quickly move your books as well as your perfectly packaged documents. We carefully pack your televisions and computer equipment and load them into our moving truck. For clothes, wardrobe boxes with hanger holders are provided. Your old / recent furniture and food products are also taken care of and are subject to secure transport.

In addition, you can ask us to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, whether it is a business or private move. Removing the doors, boards, fasteners…then the reassembly operations are rarely a piece of cake. Whether you are deprived of notices or just want to be spared tedious tasks, our staff are at your service. Are you afraid to take care of all these boxes that sleep in a furniture storage? Let the Déménagement Express teams take care of the reassembly operations!