Rental of furniture lifts and goods lifts

Renting a furniture lift in Switzerland is a particularly interesting service for moving all kinds of bulky goods quickly and effortlessly.


This machine reduces the number of movers.

You will no longer have to carry your heaviest furniture and equipment.

You are spared a lot of effort and complete your move in record time.

To avoid breakage, the furniture lift is essential. No risk of damaging your property or damaging your common areas.

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Our services

From the transport of bulky objects to the supply of cardboard through the rental of furniture lifts, various services are offered to guarantee you a move with complete peace of mind.

Your handling operations, entrust them to our experienced movers!

Storeroom and dechetterie

We come to get rid of your bulky goods and drop them off at the nearest recycling centre.

Transport and delivery

A bulky object to move? A small package to send urgently? Let us take care of it!

Monte furniture

With the rental of this transport vehicle, your furniture is moved quickly and safely.


We provide moving boxes, bubble wrap and are able to take care of packing operations.

Valuation of objects

Your furniture and other goods may be subject to recovery, so do not hesitate to contact us for a clearance.

“We gave a second life to more than 200 objects and recycled more than 60 tons of waste in 2019. Thanks to you,
we hope to multiply these figures by 3 for the year 2020.”

In certain circumstances, the arms of our movers are not enough to carry a piano, an industrial machine or another bulky object. So, we can call on an oh so important transport device that we call the furniture lift but also the freight lift. As its name suggests, it allows furniture to be raised but also lowered from a window or balcony. It is used to transport objects to high floors and supports substantial loads. Conversely, renting a furniture lift is also indicated when you want to remove furniture located upstairs from a dwelling or professional premises. Some of our customers take advantage of this when moving without a lift. While it is sometimes possible to transport large objects conventionally in a stairwell, the use of this mechanical device greatly facilitates the operation.

By opting to rent a furniture lift in Switzerland, you can often avoid having to call on additional movers, which reduces the overall cost of the service. Then, this machine piloted by one of our collaborators greatly limits the risk of damage inherent in manual carrying. Likewise, it avoids the deterioration of the common areas of a condominium or shared spaces of a company. For people who want to transport their belongings themselves during a move, know that renting a goods lift significantly speeds up operations and saves those involved from superfluous effort. Of course, it is quite possible to use this equipment when you redevelop an office or when you want to part with a property whose weight is very important. Are you planning to rent a furniture lift for a move to Geneva, Lausanne or another city? Contact our teams!