Déménagement Express created by Recyclage express

Active in the Lausanne region since 2018 and in Geneva since 2020, Recyclage Express has created Déménagement Express, the brand specializing in private and company removals in Switzerland. We offer a client a range of services, ranging from transporting old furniture to the recycling center to cleaning their home.

Our services


Moving heavy furniture is much easier when our movers are at your service.

Storeroom and dechetterie

A disposal service and transport of waste and bulky objects to the nearest recycling centre.

Insurance & Warranty

With moving insurance, you don't worry about the integrity of your goods or merchandise, including the most fragile.

Monte furniture

Move a cupboard, a piano or household appliances through the window without difficulty with the furniture lift.


Our experienced movers take care of packing your belongings.

Transport and delivery

Entrust us with the transport of objects that you have purchased and the delivery of those that you sell.

Moving and transport company for individuals & companies

Individual or company, from transporting a small piece of furniture to moving an apartment, house or commercial premises, with Recyclage Express you can have peace of mind.



With our skills in the field of removals, we provide all kinds of handling operations among our various services. Since every week, we are mobilized for the transport of furniture and other effects of individuals who change housing, we can also move the heaviest and / or bulky objects and this in various contexts. This can include taking a bookcase to another room or taking a desk out of an apartment and into a storage box.

Whether it's removing a very imposing piece of furniture or completely clearing a house, you can call on our teams! Housing or professional premises, we put ourselves at your service at the best price and spare you from carrying out difficult work. Items and furniture can be dropped off at the recycling center or valued, depending on their condition, on the second-hand market in Switzerland. We are asked to empty a house after a death or to carry out this type of operation which precedes the sale of a property.

This equipment is mainly used in buildings that do not have enough space in the common areas to pass the pieces of furniture without risk of damaging them or damaging a stairwell. Renting a furniture lift in Switzerland reduces the number of movers mobilized and allows the event to materialize even more quickly. Whether you are moving alone or entrusting the operation to moving experts, its use significantly limits the carrying distance and therefore facilitates the work.

Are you missing moving boxes or do you simply want to get rid of the preparation of the event? With our packing services carried out in Lausanne, Geneva and everywhere in Switzerland, you have both the guarantee of seeing your belongings perfectly protected during the move and you are spared a certain number of efforts. Your crockery, your electronic devices and fragile decorative objects are carefully packed in boxes with bubble wrap to avoid any risk of breakage. To these services can be added that of dismantling and reassembling the tables, shelves and other pieces of furniture which are in your possession.

In addition, our Swiss moving company offers a delivery and transport service for items. It can be to recover a piano, a photocopier, a washing machine or any other object which you bought but which you do not have the possibility of going to seek by your own means. Similarly, we ensure the delivery of items between individuals.