Assembly and disassembly of furniture

Surely you have already had the opportunity to dismantle your furniture yourself. Not easy right? In order to save you from this tedious task, Déménagement Express offers you a furniture assembly and dismantling service throughout Switzerland. 

Why disassemble furniture?

Many people ask themselves this question. Be aware that dismantling furniture is not always mandatory. However, in some cases it is essential. Let's see together when should you dismantle your furniture? 

When you move, the dismantling of your furniture may be necessary in order to facilitate its transport and handling. It is also an effective way to save space in your vehicle or that of the carrier. 

If you plan to get rid of a piece of furniture, especially if it is bulky, opt for disassembly. This facilitates transportation to the landfill. In some cases, disposal companies such as Express Recycling offer you the dismantling for free. 

Obviously, if you want to have space in a basement or attic, the easiest way is to dismantle the bulky furniture. It is also a way to preserve the quality of the latter.   

When you buy or sell a product, sometimes you need a disassembly for the piece of furniture in question. Our staff can dismantle the furniture for you. 

For the latter case, the dismantling of furniture is recommended so that your transport goes well. Entrust the task to professionals like Déménagement Express. 

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