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On this page, you have at your disposal a contact form to discuss with our teams. It allows you first of all to ask us all kinds of questions relating to our services, whether it is a short or long distance move, the transfer of a company, a group move or one of the many services we offer. This form is also useful for you to ask us for a moving quote, the phase which precedes the implementation of this operation. Depending on your needs, several offers can be communicated to you. Requesting a quote from our movers is a non-binding service.
Our teams are first and foremost specialized in private removals in Lausanne, Geneva and more broadly in Switzerland. Whatever the situation of the loading / unloading sites and the volume to be moved, you can count on our professionalism! Among the optional services offered, we distinguish the dismantling and reassembly of furniture, the supply of moving boxes and the packing. In the same way, you have the opportunity to contact us to organize a company move (commercial premises, warehouse, offices, etc.). Do you have a sofa or another piece of furniture that is too difficult to handle? It is then quite possible to use a furniture lift. To schedule yours as quickly as possible, take a few minutes to contact our movers who operate in Switzerland throughout the year.
The inhabitants of Lausanne, Geneva and the inhabitants of other Swiss territories have the opportunity to use our services in other circumstances. It can be to promote second-hand objects and take advantage of a disposal service. Then, our qualified experts in handling operations are available when you need to move very heavy objects or when you want to arrange professional premises differently. Are you leaving your rental soon and are afraid of not recovering the entire deposit? With our end-of-lease cleaning service, you will be able to leave the apartment or the house in complete safety. The sooner you call our teams, the sooner they will be able to send you an estimate for moving, storage or cleaning.