Removal of furniture and bulky objects

To empty a dwelling, a room and transport waste and bulky items to the recycling centre, call on our teams! With the valuation of goods, you save on the cost of the service.


Offered to associations or sold on the second-hand market, your objects allow you to reduce the cost of disposal.

Whether it's a single room (cellar, attic, etc.), an entire home or another place, our employees come and collect the goods you wish to part with.

The storage takes place when you wish, moreover it can be accompanied by other services such as cleaning.

Recycling, your unique partner in Lausanne, Geneva and everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland, for your storage, removals and cleaning. We value your objects and your waste for a successful sustainable development.

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Clearance Service for Individuals and Companies




Economic services by enhancing all your objects!

single object
From CHF 50

No need to rent a utility vehicle to transport an imposing object, we come to pick it up and drop it off at the waste disposal site.

Empty your cellars
From CHF 200

Let us clear this room of all the belongings that clutter it.

From CHF 400

Following our intervention, your garage will no longer be cluttered! Your vehicle can park there without difficulty.

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Valuation of objects

Depending on the condition of your goods, we can entrust them to associations, sell them on the second-hand market or extract value from them. You contribute to the development of the circular economy and reduce the cost of our intervention.

“We gave a second life to more than 200 objects and recycled more than 60 tons of waste in 2019. Thanks to you,
we hope to multiply these figures by 3 for the year 2020.”

Our services

From the transport of bulky objects to the supply of cardboard and the rental of furniture lifts, various services are offered to guarantee you a move with complete peace of mind.

Your handling operations, entrust them to our experienced movers!

Storeroom and dechetterie

We come to get rid of your bulky goods and drop them off at the nearest recycling centre.

Transport and delivery

A bulky object to move? A small package to send urgently? Let us take care of it!

Monte furniture

With the rental of this transport vehicle, your furniture is moved quickly and safely.


We provide moving boxes, bubble wrap and are able to take care of packing operations.

Do you need to rid a room of its bulky items or an entire apartment? Do you want to transport used furniture from your cellar to the nearest waste collection center but do not have the means to do so? Our teams bring you an economical solution! Whether you are an individual or a professional, you can call on our skills. For example, we remove cupboards, bookcases and various used household appliances from apartments and houses in French-speaking Switzerland. In the same way, we have the necessary resources to empty a business, a company office or even pick up waste as well as imposing objects accumulated in a warehouse.

For many households and entrepreneurs, the containers made available near their homes or workplaces are not enough; they are indeed forced to dispose of furniture and various equipment at the end of their life in centers dedicated to this purpose. How can they get rid of them when they don't have the time or even the material means to be able to drop them off at the waste disposal site? We are thinking, among others, of people with reduced mobility as well as those who do not have a vehicle with a substantial loading volume. Our teams specializing in the removal of bulky items are mobilized all year round to help them. This collection service prevents illegal dumping and promotes recycling operations in Geneva, Lausanne and their surroundings.

Individuals and professionals are in particular in possession of reusable goods which they no longer need. They also want to get rid of electrical waste, equipment waste or bulky objects that are used but from which it is possible to extract value. With waste recovery, these audiences give a second life to bulky items. In addition, the resale of certain objects on the second-hand market makes it possible to reduce the cost of our intervention.